Monday, May 19, 2014

Talking nonsense tonight on Native Affairs

I'll be appearing on Maori TV's Native Affairs programme tonight to talk yet again about the moronic but unkillable theory that an ancient white civilisation existed in New Zealand, and about the neo-Nazis and Act MPs who have helped popularise the theory. 

Native Affairs interviewed Paul Moon and me for a clip that it will use to introduce a live studio debate between Annette Sykes and John Ansell, the former advisor to Don Brash who insists that New Zealand has become an apartheid state run by Maori where evidence of the Stonehenge-like structures built by an ancient white civilisation is being systematically destroyed. 

Sykes and Ansell will also clash over Allan Titford, a long-time advocate of the view that whites are the tangata whenua of New Zealand who was recently sent to prison for twenty-four years after being convicted of rape, arson, and various other crimes. Ansell claims that Titford is the blameless victim of an intricate conspiracy, and characterises him as the Nelson Mandela of New Zealand. Sykes disagrees, which presumably makes her part of the conspiracy. 

Native Affairs interviewed me in the Papakura Art Gallery, near some of my contributions to the A Sense of Place exhibition. There is a sad contrast between the thoughtful studies of history and landscape which fill the rooms at Papakura gallery and the hallucinations and rants of angry white men like Ansell and Titford. I'm probably excessively optimistic, but I'd like to think that, in some marvellous year, Pakeha will become as comfortable with their history and their geographical location as, say, the Tongatapuans I got to know last year, and will dispense with their fantasies about lost civilisations and superior races.

[Posted by Scott Hamilton]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like the Nazis have noticed

4:57 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Looks like John didn't come over so well.

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Sarah McMullan ‏@SarahMcMullanNZ 3h
#JohnAnsell is the stuff of nightmares past, present & future. #NativeAffairs
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Luke Tipoki ‏@LTipoki 3h
Its less than 10 years since John Ansell worked with the National Party. #Remember #nativeaffairs
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Haututū Fulla ‏@CmmdrZed 3h
My goodness the amount of wilful ignorance that it must take for John Ansell to function is astonishing. #NativeAffairs
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Joe Trinder ‏@Joe_Trinder 3h
Annette Sykes on Native affair confronting John Ansell the leader of the hate group Treaty gate.
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Rev. Ngira Simmonds ‏@RevNgira 3h
John Ansell appeared unprepared and didn't seem to know what he was talking about! #NativeAffairs
from New Zealand
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McCluskey. ‏@JordanMcCluskey 3h
John Ansell should read some history books. C#@t.
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morgue ‏@mr_orgue 3h
As much as I've enjoyed the car crash of John Ansell on @n8tvaffairs it probably wasn't worth it, was it? Shouty madness.
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Whaea & Ice ‏@MsMocktavia 3h
Bingo w/ John Ansell: rape apologism, doesn’t understand treaty, colonisation is good, be thankful u violent cannibal savages #NativeAffairs
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Jenny Kay ‏@JennyKayNZ 3h
Annette Sykes trying to educate John Ansell on #NativeAffairs #uphillbattle Ansell denies discrimination in NZ #racist ignorant unrepentant
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Cardinal Karl Pearce ‏@karldotkom 3h
John Ansell didnt even know about Article four of the Treaty brought by Bishop Bishop Pompallier #NativeAffairs

12:31 am  
Anonymous Hayward Norman said...

Well, seems like a lot of people got duped by Allan Titford. This evil individual brought a lot of racists out of the woodwork. Great news that he got caught out so publicly, in the same week as the 150th Commemoration of the Battle of Rangiriri. The Queen apologised for the ” Illegal Invasion of the Waikato ” which led to the Confiscation of 12 000 sq miles of Tainui land.
Titford was paid $3.2 million for a Farm he bought for $600,000.
Seems that killing your own stock, burning down your family home, terrorising your family then blaming the local Maoris can qualify you to be a Poster Boy for the One New Zealand Foundation.
I’m glad the Facts got in the way of the Propoganda.

7:12 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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jo ‏@jofromgreylynn 2h
OK, in summary John Ansell is a creep. #NativeAffairs
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jo ‏@jofromgreylynn 2h
Ewww, watching native Affairs and John Ansell excuse Alan Titfords behaviour, slating the wife and pretty much denying the rapes.....
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Dovil ‏@Dovil 5h
Look, a Treaty I've drafted that nobody has signed but according to John Ansell logic is totes legit. I'm rich!
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such gus ‏@anguswow 21h
Amazingly compelling watching to see @Mihi_Forbes quiz John Ansell and Annette Sykes counter his revisionist racism! …
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Gerald Houia ‏@maidencyborg 22h
Don't worry whanau i will use my cyborgnetech brain scrambler on john Ansell #nativeaffairs

7:36 pm  

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