Saturday, October 21, 2017

Fomenting happy murder?

Kiwiblog, the popular website run by National Party pollster David Farrar, has the tagline 'Fomenting happy mischief'. Farrar says that he was 'slightly sad and very relieved' when Winston Peters chose last Thursday to support a Labour rather than a National government. Kiwiblog's host was one of a minority of National Party luminaries who considered that a spell in opposition would be preferable to the compromises involved in a coalition government with Peters' New Zealand First Party. 

But few of the National Party supporters who comment at Kiwiblog were as sanguine than Farrar. Many were furious that their party could have won 44% of the vote in last month's general election and still be shut out of government. They pointed out that the Labour Party received only a little less than 37% of the vote, and that Labour and the Greens combined won slightly fewer votes than National. They deplored the fact that Winston Peters, whose party was chosen by only 7% of voters, ended up choosing the new government. They waxed nostalgic for New Zealand's old, First Past the Post electoral system, which would have kept both the Greens and New Zealand First out of parliament and given National a thumping majority of seats. 

A few commenters at Kiwiblog have turned from sadness and anger to fantasies of violent revenge against the man they hold responsible for the defeat of their party and the corruption of New Zealand's electoral system. On Saturday morning, a long-time Kiwiblog commenter who uses the nom de plume rightoverlabour used the site's daily General Debate thread to argue that Winston Peters was a 'terrorist' who deserved a violent death. rightoverlabour explained that:

I believe in eliminating terrorism. Winston is a political and economic terrorist. He has held the country to ransom, and is obfuscating on everything. His assassination would not be something I would shed a tear over. I have time for Jacinda, and the Greens ( even though I oppose most of their policies), as they have been open and transparent. But Winston is a despicable, narcissistic individual. Emperor Nero comes to mind as a close comparison. Sometimes the elimination of a clear and present danger is a necessity for the survival of a reasonable society. Assassination may seem a step too far, but a society has to protect itself from these types of individuals gaining power. Ask the Russians, Germans, North Koreans.

rightoverlabour's comment was quickly endorsed by another veteran Kiwblog contributor, who uses the pseudonym oldpark:

Total agree what an indictment. Why compare him to Nero, how about Poll Pot, who caused the deaths of Millions. 

It might be suggested that righoverlabour and oldpark are embittered eccentrics, whose opinions are not taken seriously even at Kiwiblog. By the end of Saturday, though, eight readers of the blog had upticked rightoverlabour's call for the assassination of Winston Peters, and nine had backed oldpark's comparison of Peters to Pol Pot. 

Some contributors to Kiwiblog have lamented the atmosphere at the site since Winston Peters chose Labour on Thursday. 'There is a lot of spite and denial on here at the moment', a National Party supporter who uses the pseudonym Disaster Area wrote. A contributor to the site who calls himself Kimbo suggested that National's supporters would have to pass through the famous 'five stages of grief', from denial to anger to bargaining to depression to acceptance, and predicted that their progress would be slow.

It is not only on Kiwiblog that supporters of the National Party have been dreaming of the violent demise of Winston Peters.  A series of facebook users have announced that Peters deserves to die for the choice he made last Thursday. In a comment made an hour after Peters announced he'd been teaming up with Labour, Blair Paterson, who identifies himself on his profile page as a former member of New Zealand's air force, argued that 'Uncle Winnie needs a bullet' and said that he was 'happy to do it for free'. In the same thread, Karl Green posted a montage of what he called 'the worst humans in history', in which Peters was featured alongside Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, and Osama bin Laden. 

Some facebook commenters seem to have been made incoherent by their rage against Peters. Angela Cryer posted this curious statement shortly before Peters announced his decision to form a government with Labour:

Remember who you are you traitor. If I disembodied you of your Maori blood you would be nothing but a pair of pakeha bloodshot blue eyes. I thought you were the future of this country. You were not elected. Nor were your body of advisors. None of you are representative of New Zealanders. This is no longer a democracy. You are a disgrace. I fear for my country and my fellow voters. All of whom you have betrayed.

Agitation at Peters' decision has filled some users of social media with literary daring. A twitter account with the grand title News of New Zealand posted this remarkable mixture of metaphors:

Full of Achilles Heels and festering boils NZ's new #CoalitionofLosers is a rocky ship headed for unchartered waters. 

David Farrar is not responsible for all the comments that his blog attracts, anymore than Mark Zuckerberg is responsible for everything that turns up on facebook. Nor can National's leadership be accused of inciting vitriol against the new government. 
In the speech and press conference that he gave on Thursday night, outgoing Prime Minister Bill English was courteous in defeat, refusing to condemn Winston Peters or impugn Labour's right to govern. 

But the calls on social media and Kiwiblog for Winston Peters' demise and the analogies made between a very slightly centre-left government and Pol Pot's Cambodia and Stalin's Soviet Union suggest that a sliver, at least, of the New Zealand right has succumbed to what could be a dangerous irrationality. 

I've blogged about the descent of parts of New Zealand's right into paranoia and conspiracy theory here, here, and here

[Posted by Scott Hamilton]


Blogger pak alresky said...

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7:11 am  
Anonymous jh said...

Globalisation means contracts can be formed between party's that aren't in the best interests of it's citizens (Harcourt's Shanghai).

“Chinese economy we all know about…
Chinese government says it’s time to grow offshore…..
Let’s take a good selection of New Zealands *products* over….
“We’re all New Zealanders, we all love the country so I think it’s healthy for us to have the debate and make the right decisions for our country…. but hey!…. young people coming through see it as “our planet” rather than “our country”

That's what happened when Cameron(?) invaded Taranaki(?) a hapu sold land without the agreement of their Iwi?

What about that there Maori Party and bus loads from Auckland ascending on Uretiti Beach to gather crabs?

10:43 am  
Anonymous jh said...

Cracks me up how people get so riled up about immigrants. Especially them chinese.

Dime loves em – i like their food, i like their reasonably priced blow jobs, i like that they only seem to commit crimes against each other, i like that they have made me a fortune in property, i like that they built me a kick ass house.

dime (12,864 comments) says:
June 16th, 2016 at 8:58 am
am i alone in not giving two fucks about these losers living in cars???
Dime feels for the mentally ill who end up on the street.
but not losers who cant wipe their own ass.
Popular. Like or Dislike: 33  5 You need to be logged in to vote

I didn’t know Asians would be the “dominant ethnic group” by 2040. Shit happens though.
Grey Power are just a horrible group of old selfish bastards. As someone else said, not many of them will still be around to speak loudly to the new immigrants.
Maori used to have the monopoly on the gimme gimme gimme attitude, but Grey Power are catching up. Selfish old people who couldnt care less if they bankrupted the country, as long as the country was still white.

10:51 am  
Anonymous jh said...

Dead Earnest (133 comments) says:
August 24th, 2014 at 6:57 pm

Hugh old chap, I’ll tell you a little secret.
You are right and John Key agrees with you. BUT what John Key knows (and you seem to have lost sight of) is that he has got to win this election or NZ (that’s you and me and 4.2 million others) will be become an economic basket case, run by an assortment of social democrats, marxists, maori radicals, environmental activists and a psuedo-femenist.
In a democracy – which as Winston Churchill explained is the wost of all possible forms of government apart from every other form of governmnet- you have to be pragmatic or face electoral oblivion.
The option in this case is too scary to think about!!

10:53 am  
Anonymous jh said...

Dead Earnest (133 comments) says:
August 24th, 2014 at 6:57 pm

Hugh old chap, I’ll tell you a little secret.
You are right and John Key agrees with you. BUT what John Key knows (and you seem to have lost sight of) is that he has got to win this election or NZ (that’s you and me and 4.2 million others) will be become an economic basket case, run by an assortment of social democrats, marxists, maori radicals, environmental activists and a psuedo-femenist.
In a democracy – which as Winston Churchill explained is the wost of all possible forms of government apart from every other form of governmnet- you have to be pragmatic or face electoral oblivion.
The option in this case is too scary to think about!!
Notwithstanding his term as Prime Minister, Jimmy Bolger reached his level of competence when he was chair of King Country Federated Farmers. And, having spent several weekends at Jim and Joan’s Te Kuiti farm, that belief was always confirmed. I always came away shaking my head. But he was a pretty good shit stirring orator in those days, and a good political plotter when he and Joan teamed up with Bill and Rosa Birch.
But Jimmy’s knowledge of the world’s varied economic policies was always ZIP. He relied on Bill Birch ( an engineer or surveyor as I recall) , and as we know, Bill relied far too heavily on the CIA’s errant forecasts of world oil production and prices rather than those of the major oil companies…… and the “little” ones like Todd Oil.
(A mix of eras, but the view/policies did not change. SMPs for sheep would still be in effect if he had had his way, but Richardson outflanked both Bolger and Birch)

Jim Bolger of "Our Future Lies with Asia". He who bobs up on RNZ as a migration booster and antiracist (Noelle McCarthy's A Slice of Heaven). Flipper is a property developer.
Scanlon (Scanlon Foundation) is a property developer with a $B property portfolio.
P.S we don't hear much from Bob Jones these days. he seems to have the sort of economy that suits him?

11:04 am  
Anonymous jh said...

flipper (5,225 comments) says:
October 30th, 2014 at 9:48 am
In a free society migration is a right. Of course a nation State has the right to restrict inward numbers (but not of citizens returning home), and to determine rules.
But as a casual observer, there is no problem in NZ. Idiots like hj, with his perpetual warbling (screeching, actually) on the subject, piss me and many others off in a very big way. It is not difficult, even for hj and his few winniepoo disciples (like Mark), to ascertain the fact NZ’s net migration objective is 40,000-50,000 pa (about 1% of current population pa) – a target that it seems hard to achieve.
What hj and his winniepoo party echoes always omit to say, is that their bald net migration figures include NZ citizens returning. Esoteric links to dubious “studies” (aka fail mark Phud bullshit) are irrelevant, and, like emaciated Nicky and his hargerisms, are regarded by the great unwashed as “Move on. Nothing to see here.” So hj, switch channels, and move on.
Vote: 5  7 You need to be logged in to vote

11:07 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


9:38 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

9:21 am  
Blogger Richard said...

David Farrar is the nuke the Middle East man, no? You blogged about him before...? In any case it is crazy. Peters is or has been problematic but he made a considered decision. I think he rightly felt it was important to make the right decision. Thus he spent time on it, carefully considering. That he is Maori would be used against him at kiwiblog which sounds like a sewerage pipe with rat's brain running it so I wont go there.

I must read some more of Dellilo's books including is it Dead Zone and Mao...

I don't think many of these monsters are as bad as touted: but you notice people who are closer to Adolf Hitler politically, use him for abuse as well as we all do. But those who do also need to do what the great Greek philosophers advised: Gnothi seuton (roughly an alliteration)" "Know thyself."

Peters I think made the best solution. His reasons made sense. It isn't a paradise we are entering but we now have an interesting mix of new and young thinkers who, at the least, dont want to immolate the Middle East. I very much admire Jacinda Adern.

Peters has some good policies, as do the Greens. The rivers and the warming etc need fixing. We also need more compassion. I think Labour will hold the taxes which will probably assist the economy overall. The minimum wage, rightly, will go up and so on. It will be interesting.

I liked Bill English also. He took it on the chin, and it must have been devastating to lose out: but it happens in life. I fail to win lotto, competitions, get big tickets for forgetting my WOF, big bills to fix plumbing and other problems but I don't blame any of these things on someone outside myself.

It wont be the terrible disaster that these kiwibloggers think, things will chug on much as before. Peters is an interesting and I think a concerned human being. Of course he is a politician with longtime ambitions but such is life.

10:04 am  
Blogger Richard said...

Even the suggestions of assassination are technically a threat to kill so they have to be careful legal action isn't taken against them over at Farrar's Blog. The NZ Security Services should be looking at such things to eliminate the 'real threats' from the puff...But I have no doubt they are watching.

Farrar (or whoever is the nutter over there. I might be wrong maybe the nuclear man is someone else) might be better in a safe place.

Actually I see it is 'rightoverlabour' and a few racist crackpots.

10:09 am  
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