Sunday, April 15, 2018

Malo Mark

Malo aupito to Mark Amery, who has mentioned my essay about the Seleka Club and the fundraising exhibition for Seleka at Small Axe studio in his weekly roundup of art events for The Big Idea, and encouraged his readers to help out Seleka.


Blogger Richard said...

Hi Scott. It's a great essay for sure. How are they doing? Do they have new premises?

The 'anarchic' Seleka Club and the toilet bowl kava is like or can be compared to the times of Stravinsky 'Rite of Spring' which Stravinksy by the way "saw" and heard in a dream. Then when it was performed in 1913 there was a riot both because of the music and the dancers' costumes.

I think the toilet bowl might be a touch from Pynchon (of 'V') or even Heller (of 'Catch 22'). (With a dash of Barry Crump thrown in!). It is pretty crazy but intense for sure!

9:36 am  
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