Friday, February 08, 2019

Brash and Ngata

Whenever Don Brash gets called out for attacking Maori, he mentions the name Apirana Ngata, and says he's only repeating points Ngata made long ago. I put this thread on twitter, after Brash invoked Ngata yet again, during his recent Waitangi speech. I've had some good responses to it from journos; I hope that they'll put some heat on Brash, the next time he tries to associate himself with Ngata. Brash is entitled to free speech, but he's not entitled to a free pass, when he distorts the most basic facts about the past.

Pete George has made my tweets into a blog post; there's a somewhat erratic debate developing beneath it.


Blogger Richard said...

Brash is clearly motivated by a racist or post-colonial position. Apirana Ngata. I read a book about him in the 70s as part of a certificate in engineering. He was impressive. Brash represents a kind of hysterical reaction. The simplistic arguments he comes up with are not based on substantive knowledge of history of indeed the world. He is locked in to an erroneous view of "progress". That somehow there are 'better' people here and better people were there in the past and they did this wrong therefore they cant claim this and that. But history plus what is happening now in NZ and the change to an overall more accepting attitude toward the ideals of the treaty as well as an awareness of various ambiguities: these things about NZ History are much more common knowledge than they were. He has a Trumpian support probably from disgruntled working people or rich farmers and so on. He cant face history.

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