Monday, November 21, 2005

New (Old) Syd Recording Found!

Got this in the mail today...


An incredibly rare recording of
Syd Barrett, performing live on 27th January, 1972, with the Last-Minute-Put-Together-Boogie-Band, at a show in Cambridge, has recently been unearthed, and plans are underway for a release!

Naturally, this news has spread like wildfire and anticipation is huge amongst the legions of Syd fans. Should the release of this show come to fruition (and the people behind it have outline permissions from allconcerned to go ahead), it will be a fascinating, historical document for Pink Floyd fans.

The sound on the recording (shown to the right) is uneven in parts and will require 'tweaking' in a studio before it will be suitable for release. Any release is therefore some months away.The Last-Minute Put-Together-Boogie-Band's set consists of 5 blues songs before Syd comes on stage for a long jam ("Number Nine") followed by 3 blues songs/improvs ("Gotta Be A Reason", "Let's Roll" and "Sweet Little Angel"). The Hawkwind and Pink Fairies sets on the reel are also reported to be worth hearing.

Syd is on stage for 29 minutes in total - the jam "Number Nine" is around 9 minutes long but segues directly into "Gotta Be A Reason". None of thesongs are Syd's or Pink Floyd's. Alan Barrett (Syd's brother who makesdecisions on Syd's behalf) was pitched the story of the recording and thehopes to release it, and he has contacted PF Music Publishing to give themthe "OK".

The story of this recording is interesting, and can be found by visiting: and

The people behind the release areasking for as many people as possible to email them a one-liner stating 'Isupport this release', sent to: in orderto exert extra leverage on the company that they are hoping will releaseit.

Please note that emails will not be answered, and it's an inbox only facility. This could be a potentially historic release and your voice can help.


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