Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The French connection

This is better than Eoin O'Duffy's style of internationalism! The placard belonged to one of the thousand or so students who went on strike - 'skipped class' or 'bunked off' according to talkback radio callers - last Monday to demand the abolition of youth rates. There are more great photos and a note on the French connection - though you must have been living in Outer Mongolia or Dannevirke for the last week not to have grasped it - here.

Meanwhile, Sharon Stone has come out against the French government's attack on young workers:

In the country for the premiere of Basic Instinct 2 the American star came out against the new labour law which allows employers to dismiss those on the new contracts without giving any explanation. "People have the right to know why they
are sacked" she said.

Any excuse to stick up her photo...


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What an unrevealing photo ay?

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