Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Ted's line in the sand

Everyone has their limit, and Senator Ted Kennedy has reached his. Kennedy may have been the only leading figure from the supine Democratic Party to speak out against Bush's anti-immigrant legislation, but he draws a firm line in the sand when it comes to, shucks, them singing our anthem in their language. Don't expect him to be happy about the strikes and protests that swept across America yesterday, either.

The most liberal wing of the Democratic Party quickly falls into line with the most rabidly racist sections of the Republicans when it comes to an existential threat to the US political establishment, which is what the 'second civil rights movement' is undoubtedly becoming. Back in the 60s, the Democratic Party still had deep enough roots in the working class and in communities of colour to be able to co-opt some of the leaders of the black civil rights movement. Today the party is reduced to a ginger group for the Republican right; its unofficial candiate for President, Hillary Clinton, has even managed to position herself to the right of many Republicans on Iraq and the rest of the War of Terror.

About time for a new workers' party, eh?


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