Thursday, June 22, 2006

Battling the pseudo-left - and Tourette's Syndrome

I commented the other day on the implosion of the pro-war, neo-neocon 'left' in the face of political reality, and described how the verbal fusillades and photoshop caricatures that these folk once aimed at the 'pseudo-left' - that's the rest of us, in case you hadn't guessed - are being directed at rival factions of a 'movement' that was small enough to begin with. Now one member of the Popinjays faction, a bloke by the name of Will, seems to have set up his own webpage devoted to one on one combat with a member of the Harry's Place gang called Graham. Pity Graham won't turn up and play, but I guess Will can always beat himself up.

As well as combatting the dastardly Graham, not to mention that global 'pseudo-left conspiracy' of anti-war political parties and trade unions, this embattled Popinjay seems to fighting an ongoing battle with Tourette's Syndrome:

Knows fuck all about fuck all and his crazy sidekick Wardythewhale knows even less. Dear me. What a bunch of stupid or pompous or ignorant or, let's just use a shorthand phrase -- middle class wankers with lots of time on their hands arses-- If you examine skim over their arguments crap , you'll quickly see any and all possibility of an objective world or verifiability of any truths about it has been banished from their heads. In other words - the absurdity of Post-modern and feudal excrement in combination, all claiming the inheritance of the enlightenment. It's all just the latest installment of bourgeois cretinism against Marxist clarity. And the little fanclub continues unabated. Good for them. The freaks and idiots supply a target.

Sheesh. He sounds a bit like me at the age of 22 after one too many whiskeys (yes, Kirsty, I know - one was one too many). I think it was that 'middle class wanker' Oscar Wilde who said that the worst type of Protestants are the Jesuits. After reading the pro-war 'left's blogs on and off for a couple of years - yes, I know what you're thinking, what does that say about me? - I'm inclined to think that the worst type of Stalinist is a neocon.


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