Friday, November 10, 2006

A message from Red Letter Press

Dear friend,

Publishing is generally considered to be a big money business. But the fact is most small presses struggle to make ends meet. For an unabashedly feminist and progressive publisher like Red Letter Press, the situation is even harder. Though non-profit and staffed entirely by volunteers, Red Letter Press is too political to be a charity. This makes us ineligible for thegrants and arts funding that some publishers can obtain.

However, this is also our strength. We don't tailor our texts to suit philanthropists or grant requirements. Red Letter Press boldly brings critical
thinking and alternative political viewpoints to the public. We keep our costs low, low, low in order to publish important works at prices ordinary people can afford.

We are asking your help for our next project, Viva la Raza: A History of Chicano Identity and Resistance, by Yolanda Alaniz and Megan Cornish. The book evaluates strategies for liberation that are of vital importance to today's Chicano militants organizing against racist attacks on immigrants and Latinos as a whole. The authors investigate the much-debated question of the racial or national character of Chicano oppression. They examine the lessons of Raza insurgency from the time of conquest
through the 20th century, paying special attention to the role of women in every historical period.

For the last year, Alaniz and Cornish have been working with Monthly Review Press to publish the book. But after initially approving the manuscript, the editors decided it was too brazen in its opinions and precipitously broke the publishing agreement. Red Letter Press has proudly stepped up to publish the work despite our limited resources.

Please help us put these important ideas before the public by donating $50 or $100, or whatever amount you can. Rest assured that 100% of your donation will go toward publication of Viva la Raza. Your gift can be mailed to Red Letter Press, 4710 University Way #100, Seattle, WA 98105. You can also make a contribution by credit card here.

¡Mil gracias!

Helen Gilbert
Managing Editor


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