Monday, November 20, 2006

Weird weather

My mother's on holiday in Australia at the moment, visiting rellies in the country areas of Victoria. Last week she called to report that it was snowing in the beautiful old mining town of Ballarat, which sits a few hundred metres above sea level a couple of hours north of Melbourne. Yesterday I got an e mail from Swan Hill, a little town on the banks of the Murray River, where the barometer had recorded a temperature of one hundred degrees fahrenheit .

Take a look for yourselves, and you'll see that Swan Hill isn't too far from Ballarat:

Is this weird weather evidence for global warming? Dialectics? God warming up to play a decisive role in the upcoming Ashes series? I'm reminded of the opening scene in Peter Weir's supernatural masterpiece The Last Wave, where torrential rain and huge hailstones fall from a burning blue outback sky.


Blogger Mike B said...

That is an awesome movie! I spent ages trying to find it in Sydney video stores thinking it couldn't be too hard, as it's a classic set in Sydney. But I had to order it from the States, and it's only available in US zoned DVD format (not that that matters much anymore).

12:24 pm  
Blogger Richard Taylor said...

There is nothing wrong or unsual about the weather. The Global warming hysteria is much the same crap that we heard in the 70s (as well as how terrible China was and "communism" (and reds under the beds) - and now it is how terrible North Korea or "terrorism" is etc)(all red herrings) - world was going to end in the 80s (revised to the 90s) and it didn't. That came from scientists and others many of whom twisted or exaggerated or misread evidence - in many cases about populations statistices etc which lead to (a usually very flawed idea that) that the world was "overpopulated" and so on. These doomsdayers (such as Al Gore etc)and the Greens are the reactionaries you have to watch out for not Tolkien - he offers hope.

12:05 am  
Blogger Mike B said...

Here in Sydney last week we had one day with a high of 16 degrees, the lowest November high in over a hundred years. Today it's forecast to reach 38!

12:44 pm  

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