Saturday, November 11, 2006

Spam poetry

I'm fascinated by the way that spam e mail - at least, the spam e mail that is produced and mailed by some sort of program - seems so often to read like a strange sort of poetry. Take a look at this epistle, titled 'was of fint' (shades of Dylan Thomas' 'We are the sons of flint and pitch'), which arrived in my inbox this morning, and compare it to the work of Clark Coolidge or Bruce Andrews:

least in our privileged neck of the woods. Taking this course
digital creature made up of a string of computer instructions
virtual reality is being talked about this much when it probably
art. At the same time, I believe that computer scientists
and motivating factor behind the design and is the major contributor create the tools to be used for an artwork is amazing since the
feeling you get about the person whose space you are in. The for it's existence - it can retain an identity seperate from the
It`s funny how we`re living in the past so much of the time.
convenience, cellular phones would be obsolete and there would be of the resources available to the media and because of this
appear to be engrossed with learning how to use the available jobs, compensating for the lost occupations that were replaced by
required, yet curriculums are now being augmented with courses throughout the world at an increasing pace. Someday, we will be and Chinatown - but no points allowed for that one. Eleanor
a meta-medium. In other words, with a computer you can create economic reasons. I would like to think that with the growing
for efficiency there would be no need for software programs such thus, permitting affordable prices for people wishing to live in have become all Artiste, implies, that we have been empowered by
social interactions people have nowadays. You go to places you a family, individual, etc. could have access to more information
soldier in a white cravat turns a key to launch the counter promise, let me discuss some issues that have made me cringe! the Cynthia Fox: Ohhh! At Sky David's juke joint of joy reports,
strong understanding of technology. In fact, artists will be In the INERNET era, information highways are the driving force
positive or negative. Researcher have predicted that in the console giggle stick ling cod, twenty-three purple perches four unavoidable.At this point in time many people are still unaware


Blogger Richard Taylor said...

This has been talked about on Silliman's log - where he was reviwing book of Spam poetry.

And it is fascinating.

11:15 pm  
Blogger Richard Taylor said...

That should be 'reviewing' of course.

11:16 pm  
Blogger Mike B said...

I got one that was half sharemarket tip and half a cut-up of Orwell's 'Road to Wigan Pier'. I'm not kidding!

5:48 pm  
Blogger maps said...

I'd like to see it Mike!

3:29 am  
Blogger Mike B said...

I think it's been long junked now unfortunately. I get about 10 a day of those stock-tip cut-ups, I'll keep an eye out for another good one.

10:55 am  

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