Monday, November 20, 2006

What is meant by “Enhanced Expectations”?

A member of my Waitemata branch of Unite! asked me to circulate this ad:

FORUM on the latest round of WELFARE “REFORMS”.

What is meant by “Enhanced Expectations”?

Have you been subjected to Work Testing for your welfare benefit? Come to the Forum and share your experience.

Are you currently exempt from Work Testing because of age or disability? “Enhanced Expectations” mean that this exemption is likely to be removed in the coming year. You (and your partner) would then be required to prepare a Return to Work plan, submit it to WINZ Case Managers and engage in intensive job search activity. Non compliance could result in a benefit cut of up to 50%.

The Human Rights Commissioner has recently commented on the prevalence of ageism amongst employers. Over 60s will be squeezed between “enhanced expectations” and ageism in the job market.

Subjected to Intensified Pressure, would you accept low wages? Employers, who currently profit from the payment of Youth Rates, would be glad if you do. They are the only ones who welcome the recently announced benefit “reforms”. It will help undermine Union campaigns for long overdue wage increases.

SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCES. AIR YOUR ANXIETIES.Enhance your expectations of the welfare state. ATTEND THE FORUM:


Saturday 25th November 2.00 p.m.

Waitakere Community Resource Centre

Ratanui St, Henderson

(Up driveway opposite new Public Library)

Forum 0rganized by Waitemata Branch of Unite!, the Union for Low-paid, Casualised Workers and Beneficiaries. Ph 836 9104


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