Friday, August 17, 2007

Ready for a stonking

Returned Services Association members are often stereotyped as cantankerous old devils who tend to keep well to the right politically. Stereotypes are terrible things, of course. The RSA Review gets distributed in large quantities around my worksite, and I thought I'd start to share some of the gems from the letters page, in an effort to dispel those unfortunate cliches. The following piece comes from the June 2007 issue, which I've just finished reading from cover to cover (the pages of adverts for hearing aids were heavy going, but I wanted to see if I could score a cheap model for Bill Direen).

Deeply Concerned

As a finanical and active member of the RSA since 1946, I am deeply concerned that our country is run by a self-confessed atheist who has close associations with the Communist Party.

I went away with 41 men, and I am the only one left. It is those blokes I am concerned for. I don't believe RSA members fought for a government that insults them and I don't believe RSA members should have to face the kind of attack MP Judith Tizard made on Jim Newman in Auckland on ANZAC Day.

Any comment that follows publication of my letter will be healthy. Be assured I am used to being 'stonked'.

H Earl Jensen
Wilton, Wellington

Helen Clark a commie? She must be a very deep entrist indeed. Seriously, though, there are a couple of genuinely interesting longer epistles to the Review which I'll post when I have the time. Bet you can't wait.


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Been there. done that?

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