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The Leaning Tower of Penchant-by BackLit Productions

BackLit Productions are at the cutting edge of performing arts in New Zealand, the Titus Books of dance (they also happen to be my friends)- check them out and see for yourself - Skyler

dancer in photo: Lucy Miles
photographer: Camille Sanson

'Penchants' Exposed in a Vibrant Performance by Nine Auckland Choreographers and Dancers.'

Contemporary Dance Company BackLit Productions will present an unusual and stirring performance as part of the TEMPO Festival of Dance 2007. The show is an experimental collaboration between the nine members of the company, combining their varied skills as choreographers, dancers and artists to create an explosive Contemporary Dance/Performance Art show that takes in-depth look at human 'penchants' and desires.

'The Leaning Tower of Penchant' was originally crafted for an outdoor venue at Wellington Fringe earlier this year, winning runner up for 'Best Newcomer' Award. BackLit Productions now brings this performance to Auckland audiences, re-vamped and re-structured to fit the TAPAC theatre.

Artistic Director of the project, Rosey Feltham, describes the show:

'Penchant' is a tower of indulgence and desire. The inhabitants of Penchant are entranced by their obsessions. As you are immersed in this illusory world, you realize that nothing is as it seems and even the most solid character is fragile when bound by their 'Penchant'. Will the tower continue to accumulate desires and hold fast, or will it topple under the strain?'

Exploring new grounds in dance performance by using unusual props and set and breaking away from the traditional use of proscenium theatre, BackLit Productions explore the possibilities created where Dance meets Performance Art in this collaborative event. Eclectic characters weave an illusory world of intrigue as they dance on teacups, suspend from ropes and are transformed by their obsessions.

2006 TEMPO Festival Awards winners, BackLit Productions are a dedicated group of nine choreographers and dancers who reside in Auckland. Since forming at the beginning of 2006, BackLit Productions have continued to impress with their highly professional, slick and original performances.

'Back-Lit Productions created a stir with their polished, confident
works that shifted between poignant, darkly Butoh and entertaining

Francesca Horsley, Listener Review of Fuzzy Reception 2006.

"There was an element of risk to the evening that left one feeling slightly tilted as the action and a series of very striking images ......swirled around us in 'The Leaning Tower of Penchant'."
Lyne Pringle, 2007

The leaning Tower of Penchant
Penchant is a Tower of Indulgence and Desire. The inhabitants of penchant are lost in a world of obsession, acquiring everything they wish to own. Will the tower continue to hold fast or will it topple under the strain?
Witness the weaving of illusion and intrigue in this extraordinary evening of dance.
When: 4th Oct 10pm, 5th Oct 8pm, 6th Oct 10pm
Where: At Tapac, 100 Motions Road, Western Springs.
Cost: $23, $18 concession.

For interviews and full colour images contact:
Janine Parkes - Publicist

021 0605113


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks pretty bourgeois.

1:05 pm  
Blogger Skyler said...

Maybe a slick sounding press release but definitely not bourgeois - don't judge until you've seen it!

3:35 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I work for them - they're big-time bourgeois.

6:38 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

and they all vote National

9:23 am  
Blogger Skyler said...

I think all these comments are from Mass! And I know for a fact they don't vote National!!

2:20 pm  

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