Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Double trouble

After a week or so of rehearsals, interspersed with radio interviews, takeaway meals, and arguments about election results, Bill Direen and The Bilders will take the stage tonight at Auckland's Dogs Bollix for the first performance of a national tour designed to promote their new album Chrysanthemum Storm.

As if that prospect wasn't enticing enough, the Anglo-Westie hip hop phenomenon Scalper will be warming up the stage for Bill and the boys with one his incendiary performances. Anyone who saw Scalper at the PR Bar earlier this year will want to experience his fusion of free noise, industrial rock, freestyle rapping and pulpit-shaking preaching again.

Tonight's revelry will be filmed by Campbell Walker, who is planning to make a docu-drama out of Bill's new tour, so get yourself along to that Irish bar on the corner of Karangahape and Newton Roads and make a mark on celluloid.


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