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The Broadcasting Standards Authority's Christmas gift to anti-semites

In many parts of the West, the racist and anti-semitic far right is using a new tactic to try to gain a larger audience and more recruits. Aware of the repugnance that symbols like the swastika and ideas like Nazism still create amongst ordinary people, the far right is attempting to make itself respectable. Swastikas are being discarded, leather jackets are being swapped for suits, and the old Nazi vocabulary is being exchanged for innocent-sounding euphemisms. In countries like Britain and Belgium, the new strategy has had some success, as former streetfighting thugs have been elected to local councils and to the European parliament.

One local Nazi who has been trying to repackage himself in recent years is Kerry Bolton. Bolton joined the New Zealand Nazi Party as a fourteen year-old in 1975, and has since belonged to a succession of groups with explicitly racist and anti-semitic ideologies. In 1981 he founded a group called New Force, which argued in favour of apartheid at the time of the Springbok tour to New Zealand, and which issued leaflets warning against Polynesian immigration and the 'bastardisation of white New Zealand'. In 1997 Bolton was the founder of the short-lived New Zealand Fascist Union, and in 2004 he became the National Secretary of the National Front, an organisation that became notorious for its members' violent attacks on Somali immigrants in Wellington.

Bolton has complemented his political activism with a stream of rambling, often self-published books and articles on subjects like the Holocaust, Jewish conspiracies, and the supposed settlement of New Zealand in ancient times by a race of white warriors. In recent years Bolton has attempted to deny much of his political history, and to repackage some of his most unpleasant views. Bolton was not happy, then, at an interview I gave to Chris Laidlaw on Radio New Zealand earlier this year during which I discussed anti-semitism and Holocaust denial in New Zealand. During my chat with Laidlaw I cited Bolton as one of New Zealand's leading Holocaust deniers, observed that he has had connections with Holocaust deniers overseas, and suggested that he has had a thoroughly bad influence on the young people who make up the majority of the membership of neo-Nazi groups like the National Front.

Bolton complained about my comments to the Broadcasting Standards Authority, telling them that he is neither a Holocaust denier nor a neo-Nazi. Given the weight of evidence for Bolton's views, and the notoreity he enjoys as New Zealand's longest-serving neo-Nazi, I expected the Broadcasting Standards Authority to treat his complaint with the contempt it deserved.

Instead, the BSA has just issued a bizarre, convoluted judgement which refuses to take a position on whether or not Bolton is a Holocaust denier, and which finds that my comments about his beliefs were unfair, and should have been censored by Radio New Zealand. Bolton and the international Holocaust denial community will be delighted by their unexpected Christmas present.

The BSA's report complains that the evidence I offered of Bolton's Holocaust denial is 'scant', and notes that a number of the webpages where Bolton has published anti-semitic and Holocaust-denying material over the years have disappeared. The BSA observes that at the website of the Adelaide Institute, the notorious Holocaust-denying group whose leader Frederick Toben was sent to prison this year for hate crimes, the many pages which once hosted pieces by Bolton are now no more than dead links.

It doesn't appear to have occurred to the BSA that the sudden disappearance of much, though not all, of Bolton's writing about the Holocaust from the internet might have been organised by the man himself, so that he might look better in the eyes of the people investigating his complaint.

The Broadcasting Standards Authority is made up of journalists, and one might have expected them to be capable of doing a little empirical investigation, and discovering the many Holocaust-denying texts which Bolton has been unable to bury. But since the BSA's members haven't been able to do the work for themselves, and since they are quite likely to find their judgement appealed by Radio New Zealand, I want to suggest some additions to their Christmas holiday reading lists.

It may not be much fun compared to the new Dan Brown tome, but The Holocaust Myth: a Sceptical Inquiry might reveal to the members of the Broadcasting Standards Authority Kerry Bolton's real opinion of the most terrible event of the twentieth century. In The Holocaust Myth, which he self-published sometime in the '80s, and which can still be purchased on the website of his chums in the American Nazi Party, Bolton disregards all of the SS documents, all of the eyewitness testimonies of survivors, and all of the mass graves and gas chambers, and insists that the Holocaust was a fantasy created by enemies of Hitler and the white race.

Bolton wrote The Holocaust Myth some time ago, and members of the BSA might wonder whether it was perhaps a youthful abberration, something he has since outgrown and now regrets. A look at a long, vitriolic 'Open Letter to the War Generation' which Bolton posted to the neo-Nazi Stormfront website in 2003 should dispel any doubts about the man's continued attachment to Hitlerism and Holocaust denial. Bolton's letter explains why the Jews deserved the Nuremberg Laws, the Kristallnacht, and internment in the 1930s:

German Jews were rounded up as enemy aliens, since their own leaders publicly declared "war" on Hitler the very year he achieved Government, 1933, at a time when there were few restrictions put on Jews. The Jews, under Samuel Untermeyer organised a world economic boycott to try and wreck Germany economically. Jews and their communist allies organised boycotts of shops that sold Germany goods. People were beaten up by Jewish-communist thugs if they tried to resist.

Despite its insistence on the evil of the Jews, Bolton's 'Open Letter' denies that they were ever targetted for mass extermination. The Holocaust is, apparently, a myth designed to denigrate that great humanitarian, Adolf Hitler:

So what was Hitler's "crime". And why is he still being demonised, even though his alleged "war crimes" have now been shown to have been inventions of Allied war propaganda (of the type that told Britons during World War I about the bayoneting of Belgium babies and the crucifixion of Canadian soldiers, etc.). Why is he still so feared?

It is because he inaugurated a new form of government that was based on the folkish community, where "the common interest {comes} before self-interest"? Youth were given a sense of purpose, were clean living, worked at a stretch of Labour Service regardless of class or family wealth. Even William Shirer remarked on the callow, unhealthy English youth, in comparison to the healthy vigour of German youth.

Bolton has not always chosen neo-Nazi venues like Stormfront and the Adelaide Institute to express his beliefs. He has written many letters to New Zealand's mainstream media expounding his views on race, Hitler, World War Two, and the Holocaust. On the 9th of September 2003 The Listener carried a letter from Bolton which commented on the controversy surrounding Joel Hayward, the Canterbury University student who wrote a Masters thesis denying the Holocaust. An internal investigation found that the thesis had been poorly supervised and that it was full of errors. Hayward eventually recanted his views and accepted the reality of the Holocaust, but he has nevertheless remained a hero to many neo-Nazis.

Bolton's letter to The Listener defends Hayward's thesis by citing the work of a series of notorious Holocaust deniers:

[Listener writer Philip] Mathews fails to acknowledge the academic credentials of the revisionists he cites, doctors Countess and Toben. Proponents of holocaust orthodoxy claim that revisionism has no academic standing. Most spokesmen for revisionism are academics, or are qualified in relevant fields such as engineering and toxicology...

Where Dr Hayward errs is in his retraction of his conclusions. The original Leuchter investigation of the alleged Auschwitz gas chambers has been professionally replicated by Germar Rudolf, chemical analysis showing that there is insufficient cyanide residue for these buildings to have been used for mass executions.

Like the Adelaide Institute's Frederick Toben, who earned his recent term in an Australian prison with his violent anti-Jewish outbursts, Germar Rudolf is an anti-semite whose 'research' into the Holocaust is designed as a defence of the Hitler regime he reveres. Rudolf was convicted of inciting racial hatred in Germany in 1995 and was jailed again in 2007 for Holocaust denial.

Bolton's book about the Holocaust and his 2003 letters on the subject make it quite clear that he has been a long-time denier of the biggest genocide of the twentieth century. The rants about 'Jewish-communists' and paeans to Hitler which punctuate his texts reveal the political motivations of his 'research' into the Holocaust.

Bolton has attempted to be more discreet about his Holocaust denial and his neo-Nazism in recent years. He likes to use euphemisms like 'revisionist' rather than the ugly term 'Holocaust denier', and he prefers to call himself a 'radical European conservative', rather than a Nazi or a fascist. But the essence of Bolton's thought has not changed. If we examine Bolton's recent book Thinkers of the Right: Challenging Materialism, which purports to be a series of potted biographies of twentieth century intellectuals like Martin Heidegger and New Zealand's ARD Fairburn, we find the old prejudices alive and well.

In the book's chapter on the Italian Futurist poet and fascist Filippo Marinetti, for example, Bolton eulogises the short-lived Italian Social Republic which Benito Mussolini founded in the north of Italy after he had lost most of his country to partisans and Allied invaders. Bolton presents the Social Republic as an almost utopian enterprise:

The fascist faithful established a last stand, in the north, named the Italian Social Republic. With a new idealism, even former communist and liberal leaders were drawn to the Republic. The Manifesto of Verona was drafted, restoring various liberties, and championing labour against plutocracy within the vision of a united Europe.

In reality, the Italian Social Republic was one of the purest expressions of Nazism ever to exist outside of Nazi Germany. Hitler's troops propped up the state, Nuremberg-style laws prevented races mixing, and Jews were deported in their thousands to death camps north of the Alps. The Manifesto of Verona called for Mussolini's movement to return to its fascist roots, demanded the expulsion of Jews from Europe, and called for the continent's warring powers to unite and establish a single empire that could rule all of Africa and Asia.

No one who was not a committed neo-Nazi could write favourably about the Italian Social Republic. Bolton's support for Mussolini's last government, and his failure to mention the role of that government in the Holocaust, show that he still holds the views expressed in his book The Holocaust Myth and in his 2003 letters to The Listener and to Stormfront, as well in his many articles for anti-semitic organisations like the Adelaide Institute.

The Broadcasting Standards Authority has flown in the face of overwhelming evidence in refusing to consider Kerry Bolton a Holocaust denier. By failing to do their research, the BSA's members have given a Christmas present to neo-Nazis, and invited public ridicule. I hope that they will find the time to consider the texts I have discussed in this post, and that they will overturn their judgement when it is appealed.


Blogger Chris Trotter said...

This is an outrage, Scott. I have long harboured doubts about both the ethics and competence of the BSA - I have no such doubts now. If I can render any assistance - please let me know.

4:51 pm  
Blogger DW said...

Yes, it is. You make an almost perfect case. However, it is not true that the italian fascist state was 'pure nazi'. It was not. There were few if any anti-jewish laws passed until well after Hitler came to power in Germany in 1932. The Irgun, the terrorist fascist Zionist organization was trained by Italian naval athorities. Jews were members of the Fascist party as well.

4:58 pm  
Blogger maps said...

Thanks for the support Chris. I'll let you and others know how things progress. I know some of the folks at Radio New Zealand are pretty unhappy, and keen to appeal this judgement. As one of them said to me, 'if Kerry Bolton is not a Holocaust denier, then the words Holocaust denier have no meaning'.

I agree with you about Italian fascism, David, except that I think that the Social Republic broke with the relatively tolerant attitude toward Jews that Mussolini had shown and started deporting them in large numbers.

5:04 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

BSA = Bullshit Anti Semitism.


7:04 pm  
Blogger Country Lane said...

Mt email to the BSA:

The recent decision by the BSA on the complaint by Kerry Bolton against an RNZ interview naming him as one of New Zealand's leading holocaust deniers is a disgrace.
The BSA should be ashamed of itself. Bolton is an avowed racist and anti-semite and the fact he removed many of his online articles after the complaint was made does not change that fact.

His complaint should have been thrown out outright.
A shameful decision.
I and all decent New Zealanders expect to see a retraction in the New Year.

7:05 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

The Zionists can be criticised but Bolton et al conflate that into "all Jews are evil" - and they use facts and half or dubious 'facts' to distort the picture.

It is a fact that CERTAIN of the Jews (Moshe Dayan I think, but certainly Begin) were involved in terrorist attacks against the British, but these Irgun inspired acts were not supported necessarily by the Haganah. Certainly criticism can be directed actions of certain Zionists but the is big leap way from the kind of anti-Semitism of Bolton and those of his persuasion.

Bolton's analysis of the is ludicrous. He has found that Shirer - in his Book "The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich" writes that the British were "wan" in comparison to Nazis! True it is in there (I read the book) - but it is spurious and debatable - but the rest of Shirer's analysis of the evil of Hilter and anti Semitism in that book is very good. Shirer was right there - inside Germany - he saw it all! (Or as much as can be seen until Germany started WW2)

Next he will have Hitler awarded the posthumous Nobel Prize for peace!!

7:41 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

It is certainly a ridiculous judgment - I have no doubt Bolton is a Nazi as can be seen in that 2003 thing - unless he has miraculously converted...

They always get on to Dresden and Hamburg as if by the terribleness of those events that the British and the Allies were thus "evil" because of them. Absolute nonsense.

In the case of extreme barbarism of such as the Nazis - there are no Holocausts big enough that could be committed against them. Go soft on these bastards and they will do it all over again.

But these things are a part of war. Once the Germans had initiated war they had to be stopped. I don't think those who lived through the Nazi attacks (on England, Wales, Scotland and other countries) and the bombardments or had been interned in concentration camps would be too worried about Dresden.

I'm sure we would all love war to be over in "nicest" and most organised and most 'military' way...but that is not how reality works. It is certainly not the way the Nazis worked.

Considering the terrible attrition rates suffered by RAF pilots and personnel, I'm glad and very proud of my uncle - who was English and was a bomber pilot in WW2 - had the courage and commitment to bomb Germany.

8:05 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A disgrace. An embarrassment to NZ.

8:27 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comes as no surprise, and is illustrative of the incompetence, naivety and spinelessnes of many of New Zealands bureaucrats and Institutions. It is no coincidence that New Zealands academic institututions have become notorious for their apologetics and fence sitting when it comes to holocaust denial. New Zealand is becoming one of the favoured laundering houses for neo facists to rehabilitate national socialism.

11:28 pm  
Blogger Edward said...

The BSA's ruling is an utter disgrace. What incompetence to be unable to find 'sufficient evidence'. I will be writing a complaint of their bizzare handling of the situation.

11:22 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

looks like the jews lost out...

go the bsa!

white power!

5:23 pm  
Blogger Blaize said...

Scott, your continued work exposing these people is admirable. I really appreciate all I have learned from reading your blog, especially because New Zealand history is not something I learned a lot about in school in the US. Thank you.

5:30 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Black magic by the nutty Nazi?

8:27 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isn't Tapu Misa on the BSA? Maybe she should read Bolton's calls for the mass deportation of Pacific Islanders like herself from NZ and then decide if she wants to take his side!

10:05 am  
Anonymous mike said...

Anon - The current members of the BSA are:

Joanne Morris
Tapu Misa
Mary Anne Shanahan
Paul France

Their resumes can be found at:

10:28 am  
Blogger HMS said...

Do you have image captions/credits for the photos in this post?

11:28 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

That ugly and stupid skinhead gesturing at the camera looks like a cretinous dwarf or troll!

12:11 am  
Blogger Edward said...

I wrote the BSA a letter about their bizzare decision:

"To Whom it May Concern,

I am writing with regard to the recent decision by the BSA to uphold the complaint by Mr Kerry Bolton against the RNZ interview naming him as one of New Zealand's leading holocaust deniers. I am afraid I cannot fathom how the BSA came to such a decision given the well documented evidence of Mr Bolton's writings and activities which, as well as anti-Maori pseudo history, contains many direct references to holocaust denial and antisemitism. Even if the BSA was unable (or for want of trying) to locate the paper copies written by and about Bolton (he has self-published denialist materials and other sources related to the NZ National Front for example), a casual google search alone would have informed you that 8 out of 10 of the first page of search results for 'Kerry Bolton' detail his antisemitic and other racist ramblings. In a Master's thesis by Roel van Leeuwen (Waikato University), Bolton's history and involvement as one of NZ's leading neo-nazis is detailed. Indeed, the wealth of evidence and documentation of Bolton's antisemitism and his rather well known positions on topics such as the holocaust, NZ prehistory, and the Treaty of Waitangi paint the picture of Bolton as not only one of NZ's leading neo-nazis and holocaust deniers, but also one of NZ's leading pseudo-historians.

As I understand it, Dr Scott Hamilton, the sociologist who was asked to comment on anti-semitism and holocaust denial in NZ on the RNZ programme, was in your view 'guilty' of expert opinion rather than fact. I would like to know, if a sociology PhD who researches, among other things, antisemitism in NZ and is well aware of the information documenting Bolton's involvement, is accused of not backing up his assertions with fact, then what exactly is it that constitutes a fact to the BSA board? I have worked with Dr Hamilton and am well acquainted with Bolton's holocaust denialist activities and views (both by articles written about him and by articles written by Bolton's own hand).
My own area is in archaeology, and as such I have primarily focused on Bolton's racist pseudo-history/archaeology, but more often than not his other views are also embedded. If I were to go on National Radio, claiming Bolton as one of NZ's leading pseudo-historians, and citing several examples, would you accuse me too of 'expert opinion' rather than fact and rule in favour of the very person who is, most positively, a pseudo-historian?
This example is exactly the same as Scott Hamilton's charaterisation of Bolton as a neo-nazi or holocaust denier. The facts are all there and the fact that the BSA is, in my opinion, too incompetent to research them does not change the fact that Bolton is indeed one of NZ's leading holocaust deniers.
Unfortunately, the BSA's ruling has merely provided a win for Mr Bolton and the not-too-pleasant organisations he is involved in. I am astounded that the BSA's ruling would seemingly rely upon how Mr Bolton decides to label himself rather than upon the evidence.
I sincerely hope you will make the right decision and publically recant the decision."

10:49 am  
Blogger maps said...

Thanks very much for the support, folks, especially the letters to the BSA from Country Lane and Edward.

HJM: the images come from the Fight Dem Back site, which monitors fascism in Australasia.

12:38 am  
Blogger Marty Mars said...

I too have written a letter of complaint.

The bsa are letting us down badly by their nonsense decisions such as this one upholding boltons complaint.

Maps thank you for your blog and posts this year. I too have learned so much and I am very grateful. Reading the maps is my favorite blog.

12:02 pm  
Blogger maps said...

Thanks for your kind words Marty. Your own blog has opened my North Island eyes to 'grassroots' Kai Tahu life, and helped me to see beyond the cliches of a wealthy, 'browntable' iwi which some of the media perpetuate. I'm also greatly impressed by the rate at which you are able to create blog posts!

9:16 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

The BSA decision was not unanimous by the way.

Kerry Bolton certainly seems to have covered some of his recent tracks...

Strange to devote one's life to such right wing position or positions.

12:39 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Q. How does the NZNF conceive its’ ideological position? Do you ascribe any place for any of the ideas of the Euro-nationalist discourse i.e. Third Position? New Right? Red-Brown?

A - NZ is not an ideological country. We don’t have a strong ideological tradition, but it develops. It is difficult to start virtually form scratch. Most people are motivated by instinct; by gut feeling. That’s the nature of things, and not necessarily a weakness, so long as they can be gradually shown how their gut feelings are the basis for something greater and enduring. That way there will be a life-long commitment – like a religious faith – and not just a phase in one’s life. Elements of all those European currents can be of relevance to the NF. The struggle is for the survival of our culture wherever Europeans are in the world. The NZNF sees itself as the far-flung outpost of European civilisation, and the New Right, Third Position and Red-Brown manifestations are all relevant to this struggle. In particular, the common recognition that Jew-capitalism, globalisation and US super-power hegemony – so far form being representative of "The West" – are all the foes of our true heritage and destiny.- by Kerry Bolton

1:59 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

19 Sept 03

Peter Dunne
Member of Parliament
Parliament House

Dear Mr Dunne
I was interested in your use of the term 'health Nazis' to
describe those who seek to legislate for the control of
smoking in public places.

You are probably unaware as to how apt this description is.
National Socialist Germany did indeed legislate to control
smoking in public places as a social health issue.

The same regime was also responsible for other 'tyrannical'
health measures such as compulsory breast testing, testing
for TB among workers, the promotion of naturopathic
medicine, occupational safety laws, the banning of certain
types of pesticide, the promotion of nutritional food and
the discouraging of additives, campaigns against alcohol and
against butter dyes, restrictions on tobacco advertising?

Also of interest was your reference to 'Nazis' being the
lowest form of humanity''. The LOWEST? Are you quite certain
of your history? What then of those responsible for the
fire-bombing of Hamburg and Dresden and other defenceless
German cities? What about those who instigated and
perpetrated the mass murder of German minority peasant
families, including old men, woman and babies, in Poland, by
the thousands, which precipitated Hitler's attack? Do the
15,000,000 German civilians forcibly repatriated from their
ancestral homes in Eastern Europe after the war, several
millions of whom perished en route to Germany, count as
nothing? Likewise, with the several million other Germans
who died from planned starvation due to the genocidal
Morgenthau Plan approved by Roosevelt and Churchill? What of
the marauding Soviet rapists who ravished millions of women
in Germany and Eastern Europe, after the war 'and not just
German women' at the instigation of Stalin's propagandists?
What of the several million Ukrainians who died as a result
of the contrived Soviet famines? Of the many millions who
died under Communism?

When you state that the 'Nazis' are the 'lowest form of
humanity', I assume you mean that the millions of innocent
victims of not only Communism, but of the policies approved
by Churchill, Roosevelt and Truman, count for nothing?

As for 'health Nazis' and public smoking, it is because of
the type of banal propaganda that has made the Hitler regime
synonymous with evil that the link between tobacco and
cancer discovered by the 'health Nazi' medical authorities
has been suppressed. I wonder how many lives could have been
saved if a balanced assessment of the regime had been

Also of relevance on this point is that the leader of the
'lowest form of humanity', Hitler, donated the royalties
from the sale of Mein Kampf to cancer research. Have you
ever undertaken anything as worthy, Mr Dunne?
K R Bolton

2:22 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Boltons circular arguments and overly simplistic and desperate attempts to rehabilitate national socialim are very amusing and would be even more so if it werent for the sheepishness of New Zealands instititutions and media (and possibly its citizens to).

Heres a little sample of the sentiment of your average kiwi neo-facist about NZ- quoted from the facist website storm front-

"The jewish influence in NZ is not as obvious as in Aus. but it certainly is there. One of NZ's prime ministers was known to be part-jewish, so the jews are certainly here but they are behind the scenes. It is possible to speak out against the jews here and most kiwis are sick and tired of hearing about the holocaust and anti-Israeli sentiment is quite popular, so in that regard living Down Under is good."

3:49 pm  
Anonymous alison said...

A dreadful decision by the BSA (although I'm not entirely surprised considering some of the others I've seen). With regard to finding some of the 'disappeared' material, have you considered the Way-back Machine ( No guarantees it'll work for you but worth a try!

1:11 pm  
Anonymous @ndy said...

Uncle Kerry totally kicks arse... again!


Council Meeting MARCH 2010

1. Kerry Bolton complains that an article in The Press, on 5 December 2009, entitled ‘A Right muddle’ was inaccurate and biased.

2. The complaint is upheld."

4:18 pm  
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