Thursday, June 03, 2010


I've used this page of the Reading the Maps blog to archive some of the posts I've made about Kendrick Smithyman, and some of the long and winding and often fascinating discussions which have developed under those posts, as more thoughtful people than myself have taken issue with or extended my arguments. Click on the hyperlinks and join the discussion!

What Smithyman can tell us about Anzac Day

Reasons for choosing Smithyman over American Idol

Smithyman's premonition of Erebus

Smithyman and the coastwatchers

Smithyman and deep water

Smithyman in the age of google

Smithyman, cats, and other matters

Smithyman's apocalypse

Smithyman and nukes

Smithyman's magic box

A Memo to Mubarak, from Kendrick Smithyman

Smithyman and the art of war

Over the air and in front of the Board


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