Friday, May 23, 2014

Honouring the Obelisk

Paul Janman and I spent today floating down that river known as the Great South Road, turning occasionally up certain tributaries and beaching ourselves often on traffic islands and litter-strewn reserves, as we inspected, and - where necessary - replenished the geocaches we have hidden between central Auckland and the old border settlement of Te Paina/Port Russell/Mercer. The Great South Road Geocache Experiment is our contribution to A Sense of Place, an exhibition being held in Papakura Art Gallery until June the 10th.

Near the end of the day Paul and I made a visit to the so-called Bombay Obelisk, a handful of sad-looking volcanic rocks that were pushed out of the route of the southern motorway in the 1990s and now stand on a bank overlooking indifferent traffic. For the neo-Nazis, conspiracy theorists, Maori-bashers, and anti-semites who promote the notion that New Zealand was settled thousands of years ago by an advanced white civilisation, the Obelisk is the remains of an observatory erected by ancient Aryan scientists. In the website we've set up for our geocaching experiment we've described the Obelisk as Stonehenge for Racists.

During a section of Native Affairs' recent expose of the believers in an ancient white civilisation, Martin Doutre, the Holocaust Denier, 9/11 Truther and author of that classic of pseudo-history, Ancient Celtic New Zealand, showed off the Obelisk to reporter Iulia Leilua. As Leilua nodded with an understandable lack of enthusiasm, Doutre denounced the 'apartheid' system that Maori have supposedly imposed on the indigenous white people of New Zealand, and explained that the marks bulldozers had apparently left on the side of one of the obelisk's rocks were actually made thousands of years ago by Celts.

Doutre and his fellow pseudo-historians accuse a vast and intricate conspiracy of troublemaking Maori, politically correct academics, cowed National Party politicians, and United Nations bureaucrats of systematically obscuring this country's glorious white history. Doutre has even spoken to teams of demolitions experts wandering the hinterland of Te Ika a Maui, searching for ancient stone structures to disintegrate.

I would never stoop to such measures, despite my unsympathetic discussion of the pseudo-historians on Native Affairs last week. I did, however, feel the need to leave a small and temporary mark on the Bombay Obelisk today. Paul decided that I was paying tribute to The Who's greatest album, which includes that epic, synth-assisted denunciation of uncritical thinking, 'Won't Get Fooled Again'...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Martin Doutré
May 13, 2014 at 1:04 pm
Hi John,
yes, I’ll start looking through the hours of film footage we have on hand, which is mostly devoted to the archaeological sites Maori TV requested I show them.

I was with them from before sunrise until after sunset on the day of the equinox and showed them very ancient, but still perfectly functioning, solar observatories for both rise and set.

From these observatories, the ancient Patu-paiarehe people could get an exact fix on just which day was the equinox (vernal or autumnal).

Throughout the entire day I was with the Maori TV crew, we visited multiple sites that clearly proved pre-Maori occupation of New Zealand.

Some of the beautifully incised pictograms on the obelisks or laboriously carved bullaun bowls had sat buried under a layer of tephra ash from the 186 AD explosion of Taupo, until uncovered in 1992.

This proved that the intricate carving into hard granite had been done prior to 1000-years before Maori got here.

11:52 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes as Doutre's comment suggests John Ansell was at the Obelisk when Maorit TV filmed. Ansell...the man who almost rode to power with D Brash in 2005...

10:27 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And Act MP Muriel Newman is an outspoken suporter of these theories...

10:27 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This thread from NZCPR, the site Newman and richlister Alan Gibbs set up, shows the connections between 'respectable' right-wingers and the Nutzis:

10:31 am  
Anonymous Redbaiter said...

Author should be charged by NZ Police with urinating in a public place.

Or are sycophantic supporters of socialist govt racist propaganda outlets immune from the laws that apply to most NZ citizens?

What a disgrace to the idea of objective commentary the moderator of the Ansell/ Sykes debate on Native Affairs was.

She would only keep her job in the politically corrupt scenario of govt funded broadcasting.

11:28 am  
Anonymous Scott said...

What a prissy metrosexual type you are, Redbaiter! Haven't yet ever been caught short at the back of the farm? Where's that spirit of improvisation and ingenuity that is the mark of the true Kiwi bloke?

And the Obelisk doesn't stand on public land.

2:36 pm  
Anonymous Whitepowder now said...

Martin Doutre, good friend of John Ansell and Redbaiter, in his own words:

'As for David Irving, it was generally accepted worldwide that he was the most astute, prolific, all-round scholar and historian on the subject of WWII, at least up until May, 1988, when he made a very bad career choice. At that time he was called upon to give expert testimony, under oath, in a court case and stated that he could find no documented evidence of “Hitler’s Final Solution”. For this unforgivable admission, he fell foul of the Zionists who, thereafter, focused their hatred on him and have been unrelenting in trying to destroy his credibility ever since.'

10th of December, 2008, at the Scoop Review of Books

3:13 pm  
Anonymous Supporter, Catholic Trotskyist Party said...

Commnet left by Marty Mars at The Standard blog

It is really great to use the net to catch up on programs. This Native Affairs program is awesome and covers really interesting subjects that are important in this election year.

The titford stuff shows the underlying agenda of a few racist, big moneyed men and women. They have an agenda!!!!! It is the same agenda that they use for everything and it is designed to help them gain more influence and money. It is not a coincidence that a lot of them used to be and often still are, ‘in’ political parties. These moneyed people are trying both overtly and covertly to ‘own’ this country, set the agenda and, as I have said, gain influence and money – and with the election coming up they will be and are, up to their usual tricks. They are scum. They create illusion, distrust and division. They are working hard right now to implement their agenda. Be awake and aware – if not, they will trample you, your family and everything/everyone you believe in and hold dear, to make an extra dollar.

and the follow up

We had plenty of feedback about this story both for and against Allan Titford. However it’s the people behind him and their political agendas that have come under scrutiny.

Native Affairs was contacted by several supporters of Alan Titford about our story including Ross Baker from the One NZ Foundation.

When we invited him to appear this evening he declined because he lives in Australia. Muriel Newman, Mickael John Winkel, and Martin Doutre also declined.

Joining Mihingarangi Forbes to discuss this is Treaty gate blogger John Ansell and treaty lawyer and Mana Party President Annette Sykes.

8:28 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

reposted at

12:15 am  
Anonymous Paul Janman said...

Redbaiter seems to be a bit of a pissant to me. Heh heh. Urban Dictionary definition of 'pissant':

A person who existentially resembles a speck of dry shit hanging from an ass hair of a gorilla. esp. when said person realises this fact and sharply hones their "skill" (i.e. propensity) in the execution of self-serving, smarmy, meaningless, petty vendettas for short term gain, which all results in a net tally of gains which equals to zero. Not even gaining an ego boost, when you consider that their devolved impersonation of an ego is not of enough value to apply. Their biggest asset, if not their only one, tends to be their "skill" (i.e. propensity) to cheat. They are metaphorically referred to as ants due to their common abundance, and referred to as being urinated on ("piss-") due to their general insignificance and lack of impact.

12:37 am  
Anonymous JOHN ANSELL FOR PM NOW! said...

Auckland has been badly neglected. Archaeological work that could have and should have been carried out many years ago was never done and the true story of Auckland has never been told.

It goes something like this:

Once upon a time there was a very enlightened civilisation that occupied the entire Auckland Isthmus, outer gulf islands and surrounding ranges. They were avid astronomers and surveyors who worked in both stone and wood. Over a period of a few thousand years they carved the 36+ volcanic cones of Auckland to act as astronomical and surveying observatories. Around most of the hills they dug "sighting pits" and trenches for the purpose of establishing clear directional alignments onto the other hills or to distant mountain targets of the region. They also set up obelisks, cairn markers, trig humps, shadow clefts to act like sun dials and special rise and set solar positions for getting a fix onto the sun at the time of the equinoxes or solstices. These people had a very functional lunisolar calendar system, which told them when to plant or when to harvest. They used the Sumerian-Babylonian 360-degree angle system and encoded profound aspects of ancient cyclic or navigational science into the landscape by use of marked distances and angles. The marking systems served several functions simultaneously, which were:

A measured distance between the point of a stone to another carefully placed outlying stone would carry information in the length. This coded information could be easily extracted by use of measuring rods or ropes.

The angle around from north from one marked position to another could carry information in the 360-degree compass value derived.

A marked alignment might direct attention to a pointed peak in the far distance. By standing at the first stone and looking over the other stone or stones of the alignment to the peak, one might witness that the sun, at the time of the summer solstice, rose from exactly behind the peak and, by annually witnessing that solar event, the calendar could be kept accurate year upon year.

The distance between markers situated on two separate hills or in a valley could form a surveyor's baseline of known length A surveyor could then go to one end of the line and take an angle fix on a distant mountain peak. The surveyor could then move to the other end of the line and take an angle fix on the same peak. By knowing the two angles and the accurate length of the baseline, the distance to that peak could be precisely calculated using trigonometry.
The above list is indicative of what the Auckland hills and marker systems were actually fashioned for and how they were used. Our archaeologists, however, with no compelling or plausible evidence to back their very PC, tunnel-vision and approved hypotheses, have decided that the laboriously carved hills were built by late arriving Maori as hill forts. We know, very well, what actual fortification structures look like and how they worked, as we've got a few of those around New Zealand to refer to and analyse. From a military point of view, a true PA or fortress structure was a formidable, virtually impregnable enclosure that only a determined and very strong force could breach, albeit at great risk and human cost. So how does a real fortress compare to what we find on the Auckland hills?


9:19 am  
Anonymous Redbaiter said...

To anyone looking at the issue objectively, the attempts to smear opponents of the Treaty Train by associating them with David Irvine, or calling them racist, or abusing them with cowardly nonsense as Paul Janman has written, can only show one thing.

The Treaty Train faction must be be severely deficient in facts and logic.

When that same objective observer sees the main strategy of the Treaty Train faction seems to be just to silence anyone speaking out against them, this builds on the original impression.

So the conclusion is clear. The Treaty Train faction is a bunch of liars and cowards with no facts to back their position. They're hoaxers desperately afraid they're going to be exposed.

Or maybe its just the scum who who write on this blog who are like that. Maybe there is a contingent out there who have facts and logic and can build an argument, but they choose to stay away from here just because they're decent people who don't want to associate with a collection of cowards and smear merchants.

I'd hope that second hypothesis is the correct one.

9:28 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

10:34 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Holohoax and Treaty hoax...they go go Martin...don't let the Maori-lovers lie...

10:35 am  
Anonymous Common Sense said...

what on earth has the Bombay obelisk have to do with the 'treaty train', red?

apples and pears.

even john ansell concedes that whether maori are 1st 3rd or 7th to settle here is irrelevant to the treaty.

ansell differs from sykes in his INTERPRETATION of the treaty, not in his thinking it the founding doc of nz.

ancient celts/martians/atlanteans are neither here nor there as far as the treaty goes...but they are anooying for peeps who believe in the serious study of the past...archaeology...linguistics...palaeoclimtaology...

and the fact that the whites were here thousands of years ago cult also believes that jews faked the holocaust and set up 9/11...well...let's just say it's not surprising...

4:57 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

'Holohoax and Treaty hoax...they go together'

gotta hand it to martin doutre...he's an equal opportunity nutter. he'll buy every polished turd of an historical 'theory' around...

4:58 pm  
Blogger Paul Janman said...

My comment wasn't cowardly at all. It was coincidental and funny and contained more than a grain of truth. It was also a personal communication that Maps posted on my behalf. I'm sorry if you didn't see the humour in it Redbaiter but when are you irrational ideologues ever going to cease your contradictory attitude to professional scholarship? I'm afraid that you are so invested in your delusion that the entire edifice will crumble if you allow one little crack to form. I'm sorry but more people should pee behind your dam until it breaks. All that pent up energy needs to be released. Deep breath... let it flow... ahhhh, that feels better doesn't it?

10:28 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


4:50 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wake up sheeple nz history is a scam!!!!!!!!!!!!1

martin doutre and john ansell are right!!!!!!!!!!!!!

whites have been here 10k years and are indigenous

murdi hitched a ride on celtic slave ships!!!!!!!!!!!!

4:52 pm  
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5:20 pm  
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