Saturday, November 26, 2016

Launching The Stolen Island

Much 'ofa to everyone who came to the launch of The Stolen Island on Thursday night. Kenneth Tuai, a direct descendant of Paula Vehi, the last Tupouata, or leader, of the island, took these fine photographs. The fifth image includes a photograph of 'Ata's traditional reservoir that Alavaro Cerezo took in 2015. The penultimate images show Visesio Siasau talking about the visit he made to 'Ata with the Tongan navy in the early '90s, and Sione Tu'imani speaking on behalf of his cousin and fellow 'Atan descendant Masalu Halahala.

I'll be talking about 'Ata and the Pacific slave trade tomorrow morning on Radio New Zealand, starting just after eleven.

[Posted by Scott Hamilton]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A pseudo history not worth reading. Talk about a few thin facts and very little substance but lots of modern outrage. Marxist nonsense.

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