Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Viva la muerte?

Unamuno's reply to Richard Taylor's comment in this discussion thread.


Blogger Richard Taylor said...

I was bit confused by article - but from what I can gather Unamuno - I had or have something written by him in Spanish I think - is or was perceived to be a supporter of a republic and that the "enemies of the Republic " are now the very right wing in the US - and these are parallel to those who supported Franco (and he was Republican?) - who - the extreme right wing in the US are initiating barbaric wars in Iraq etc...pity it is not written very clearly - it would help to explain something about the Spanish Civil War - like the American - I alawys forget who are the "good guys " indeed who are who - or whether there were any good guys...but I certainly don't support the cry for death!

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