Thursday, June 28, 2007

Radiator art

As well as appearing at the Titus-Powertools Records bash next Monday, Bill Direen is gigging tomorrow night at the labyrinthine Wine Cellar on Karangahape Road. I snapped a poster for Bill's gig today on a radiator in Alfred Street (where would the art of the poster be without radiators?)

Over at youtube, you can watch some footage of Bill alongside other Flying Nun legends back in the hazy early '80s, and sample his 2006 single 'Always Be Round' .


Blogger Richard Taylor said...

'Always be Round' is very good -witty music and imamges.

I have to concede something - what are these radiators? I quite honestly dont know what they are (I know what a car radiator is or a heater raidator but I have never noticed these radiators that you put your posters on....).

Can someone enlighten me? What are they and what is their function?

10:16 pm  

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