Saturday, August 04, 2007

From chickens to monkeys

Muzzlehatch asked me to post this (why he didn't just post it himself is one the mysteries of the multiverse). If you remember, Chris Matthews is the clever fellow who co-founded Flying Nun bands Children's Hour and Headless Chickens. The chooks' first album Stunt Clown is an essential piece of Kiwi cultural history - the angry sound of four acid punks trapped in yuppie-infested 1980s Auckland. Go here to listen to the whole of standout track 'Do the Headless Chicken':

Gonna put a hook through the fish that spawned me,
Watch it drowning in the twentieth century...

The summer of love is over, so get a job
Buy a car, eat shit...
Yeah life's a party
That I can leave...

The Japanese want to capture the world
On film, you see them in the afternoon
Down at the Rising Sun,
Bowing to the lord of the smoking mirror

And those boys who go to so much trouble
To be Rasputin's doubles,
They look so grand behind their big car doors
With their girls who remind you of weeping sores...

You won and now you're gone,
You left one word of advice:
Don't make fun of people with guns,
Don't tell lies to people with knives, and
Mmmm, do the Headless Chicken,
All together now fingers clicking...

It sounded incredible when I was thirteen, and it still sounds incredible. Check out Matthews' new project, if you're lucky enough to find yourself in Te Wai Pounamu this month. Bill Direen's playing support too!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This'll rile Muzzlehatch:

11:18 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isn't he just the journalist version of a troll? And I have a little sympathy with one of the comments about Bergman, that he's 'beautiful,deep and tedious' but how he comes to link Lars von Trier and Bergman is beyond me, and all to defend that icon of nuerotic cinema Woody Allen, that pretty much says it all. [muzzlehatch]

12:02 pm  

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