Monday, October 01, 2007

Not one, not two, but three

Doesn't Nick Farr-Jones look silly? Frank Bunce was a good player, and a good lefty, too - in the early '90s he used to campaign for the Aliance Party at election time in South Auckland - and he had no hesitation in summing up the significance of Fiji's victory over Wales on TV 3 last night. 'This just shows that the distribution of resources between rugby-playing nations is inequitable', the New Zealand-Samoa double international said. 'The Pacific nations aren't getting enough money, and their players have to go overseas. The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer'.

Bunce and others involved with Pacific rugby have been arguing for years for the inclusion of a composite team from the region in the Super 14. After witnessing the performances of Tonga and Fiji in this World Cup, and Samoa's repeated quarter finals entries in the '90s, can't we argue that not one, not two, but three Pacific teams should be represented in the 14? Why shouldn't the North and South Islands each create composite teams to make room?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have erred in posting this. Messrs Taylor and Direen have no appetite for rugger.

The Dewe Man

11:48 am  
Blogger Richard Taylor said...

Spake in troth - Comrade Jaques de Ross will be deeply upset at such barbaric a subject as rugby being mentioned here by you comrade Maps.

But unlike Jaques de Norte I have participated somewhat in the hurly burly of life....(and Maps is allowable as he at least goes through the motions and used to get into fights in Drury, knows what cows are, and also used to steal things (books mostly!), get crazily drunk etc).... mind, Comrade Jaques is a sailor of some repute and daring I believe and also swims with great temerity - an activity I hmmm...and he has read all of Don Quixote and Spencer...etc etc

I have to concede that my attitude is ambivalent - I love watching good match of soccer or rugby or cricket but (lately it has been harder than in days of old to get cricket free to air and I don't want to pay for Sky) -
I cant use the idea that sport is meaningless as I play Chess which is equally "meaningless" and ludic - humans love to play and compete* -I think the hysteria around rugby and also rugby's history of being associated in my mind with the 1981 Springbok Tour (where I was battened in the face by members of the Red Squad - and the rugby supporters - many of them were almost insanely violent and cowardly (dragging bleeding women from ambulances and beating them up more) - it seems that, to the noble Working Class - the more working class it gets - the more it gets more violent and even base, animalistic, savage, depraved even - perhaps they are irredeemable ..hmmm) - that left a bad taste in my mouth toward rugby -but even in those days - even though I most of my work mates at the Post Office (now Telecom) then were Counties Supporters - (I was based in Wiri) I couldn't get much interest in rugby - I had taken up chess in 1978 (after about 10 years not playing) and couldn't under stand why everyone didn't play chess!!

So I have to concede -

a) and aversion to rugby deriving from - personal feelings deriving from my short career as a soccer player (long story there - in fact I was quite a good player, our team won every game) the two years or so I played

b) a general distaste for raucous "team sports" and "national enthusiasms" which relates to the above - have always been (or fancied myself as) an individualist and a maverick (to whit - simple - summary if no one liked rugby I I might take an interest in it)

c) a feeling that like the enthusiasm evinced for Wars (by TV people and whoever and RSAs and armies) and how wonderful NZ was or is and how sad it was so many nutters killed each other in those wars (Boer, First , Second - die for England!!) (of course it is always NZrs who are the "heroes" although most of them were morons who didn't even know say where Gallipoli was) ) - a similar mind set for war and violence and aggression and hate and racism and right wing feelings - just general bloody mindedness and a love of blood and fighting and ugliness and general kiwi moronitude etc )

c) various other disgruntlements - if a people want to advance or have hope - let them read books. And let them learn true civility and consideration of others - not to settle everything with their fists...

*But how much is this slightly obsessive competition built into us and how much learnt?

5:40 pm  
Blogger Richard Taylor said...

Dewe Man

How the hell are ya?


11:37 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dewe man = HAMISH DEWE?!?

3:42 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

richard taylor's poetry is so F'n cooool!! He is NZ's best writer !! and I agree with him about rugby, I hate the game ! Great stuff Rich - keep it going!
Your far greater than that Ross man or Trannystromer!! At least I dont feel so psychotic and alone now! I love ya dude! X X X X !!!!

10:06 pm  

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