Thursday, July 14, 2016

David Icke's Kiwi fans - and their political friends

David Icke has been getting some well-deserved mockery in the New Zealand Herald. Icke, who will be giving a lecture in Auckland on August the 6th, insists that humanity has been enslaved by an extraterrestrial reptilian species whose members disguise themselves as famous and powerful humans like the Queen Elizabeth II and George W Bush.

Icke's conspiracy theories demonise groups of humans as well reptiles. He believes that an international network of Jews plots against the interests of humanity, and blames Jews for both World War One and the Bolshevik revolution.

In an article published last weekend the Herald's Catherine Gaffaney described David Icke's long career as a conspiracy theorist and eschatologist. She remembered how he claimed, almost twenty years ago, that New Zealand would soon sink beneath the seas because of a series of natural disasters, and noted his insistence that he is the son of God. In another article published by the Herald, Rohan Smith mentioned Icke's belief that the moon is a gigantic alien space station. Smith suggested that Icke gets 'laughed out of most places he visits', because of the obviously ludicrous nature of his ideas.

But not everyone in New Zealand finds David Icke laughable. The Franklin E Local, a giveaway magazine based in the rural region just south of Auckland, recently ran a long and respectful interview with the man. The Franklin E Local is published in Pukekohe, but its website makes it widely accessible, and its articles about race relations and supposed cover-ups of New Zealand history have won it a cult following amongst right-wing activists in many parts of the country.

The E Local's editor Myklejon Winckel believes that a large and technologically sophisticated white civilisation existed thousands of years ago in New Zealand, before being overrun and destroyed by Polynesian ancestors of the Maori. According to Winckel, evidence of this ancient civilisation is being assiduously suppressed by an alliance of politically correct academics, Maori radicals, and corrupt politicians.

Back in 2008 I published an open letter to Myklejon Winckel and the Franklin E Local, in which I argued that the two creators and proponents of the theory of an ancient white civilisation in New Zealand, Martin Doutre and Kerry Bolton, were white supremacists and Holocaust deniers who lacked any training in the study of the past. Martin Doutre had been a regular contributor to Franklin E Local, and he conveniently turned up in the comments thread under my open letter to deny the Holocaust and show how little he knew about the history of New Zealand. I have not been the only person to draw attention to Franklin E Local's exercises in racist conspiracy theory: Maori activist Justin Taua and philosopher Matthew Dentith have both criticised the magazine.

In 2013 Alan Titford, a friend of Martin Doutre and a loud proponent of the 'whites were here first' fantasy, was convicted of rape and politically-motivated arson and sent to prison for twenty-four years. Maori Television's Native Affairs programme subsequently ran an investigation into Titford, and his links with E Local and a network of anti-Maori conspiracy theorists. The E Local refused to accept that Titford was a rapist and an arsonist, suggesting that he was the victim of a conspiracy designed to silence critics of Maoridom.
In recent years Franklin E Local has continued to run articles about the white civilisation that supposedly existed in ancient New Zealand, and has complemented this conspiracy theory with other fantastic claims. The magazine has argued, for example, that the major governments of the world have contact with extraterrestrial civilisations, and that aliens are living secretly in the Vatican.

In her interview with David Icke, Franklin E Local's Julie Halligan avoids any mention of shapeshifting reptilians, but dwells on 9/11. Icke tells Halligan that the 'official story' about 9/11 'makes no sense whatsoever'. He suggests that the American government and Jews, aka Israel, were behind the attacks of that day. The same forces were, he claims, behind other terrorist outrages, like the massacre in Paris late last year.

Icke is not the only conspiracy theorist to feature in the recent Franklin E Local. As well as her interview, Julie Halligan has contributed a review of Kerry Bolton's book The Banking Swindle to the issue. For decades, Bolton has been a high-profile member of Australasia's neo-Nazi movement. In the 1970s he was a member of the country's Nazi Party, in the 1980s he founded and led the whites-only Church of Odin, and more recently he was a senior member of the avowedly racist National Front. Bolton writes regularly for the US-based neo-Nazi web magazine Countercurrents, where he recycles conspiracy theories about Jewish control of the world's economy and media.
Halligan's review of The Banking Swindle makes no mention of Bolton's politics, but lauds his book as an insight into the 'secret cabal' that supposedly decides how and why money flows around the world. Halligan explains that John F Kennedy was one of the victims of this evil cabal: he was assassinated, she and Bolton believe, because he dared to try to free the American economy from the cabal's control.

By praising a paranoic like David Icke and an unashamed neo-Nazi like Kerry Bolton, the Franklin E Local has surely reached new depths of irrationality and bigotry. Because of its criticisms of Maori activism, E Local has won some support amongst conservative Pakeha New Zealanders. Anti-Treaty campaigner John Ansell has praised and written for the magazine; Don Brash has given it opinion pieces. If they continue their associations with the E Local, then Ansell and Brash should have no illusions about what they are aligning themselves with.

[Posted by Scott Hamilton]


Anonymous jh said...

So you found a nut? Weeeeeee!

10:19 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Imagine the reaction from the right if Andrew Little was writing a column for a magazine that supported ISIS and denied the Holocaust. Don Brash has gotten his hands dirty.

12:40 pm  
Anonymous hamish said...

I've noticed elocal being distributed further into South Auckland recently. I think it's safe to say that most of the advertisers and most organisations that provide space for distribution have no clue about the contents of this rag.

2:59 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

I am not so sure all David Icke's theories are so laughable. Amiri Baraka wrote a long poem in 2002 'Who Blew Up America' That aspect doesn't necessarily have to include anti-Semitism as Israel is one of the most dangerous terrorist nations in the world as is the US. The record of the US leaves it problematic that we or anyone have any faith in their 'findings' or so-called 'investigations' into 9/11 which could well have been some kind of 'indside job' or something that the secret services aided and abetted. I also am suspicious of many of the so-called "terrorist attacks" in the US....

If Trump gains power he may either manufacture or in fact aid and abett a terrorist attack. The US Imperialists and Big Money are not worried about terrorism They love it.

I also suspect they will use any increase of these incidents as Hitler did when he dressed up Polish soldiers as German soldiers, shot them, and said: "We are under attack from terrorists" and then attacked Poland.

The US will use similar ploys. In fact I suspect they will institute a military dictatorship. I think they are in crisis mode. The Americans are very much into gun violence and racism as is the Fuehrer Trumpf so I expect to see them all excited by a military Government. It will gives millions a focus and a purpose.

But Icke is clearly touched in his other theories.

The trouble is that, while fairly intelligent liberals will be aware of how to analyse these things: millions of people in the world don't care. For them many of the things we think are clearly untrue are true to them...or, and this is a key to knowledge, they don't BELIEVE the authorities in the US. If you don't believe something you cant know it.

So I think we are heading to an era where religion will be more and more important to people than science. Science has failed largely. It can explain how things interact to a point, but it fails to explain or have any idea of what things are. Religion and philosophy are fatal to neglect as the Soviets found out.

In any case, it is clear that we now have a man who may be the "leader of the free world" who will welcome the racists and National socialists and anyone who will be on his side. The vast numbers of the unwashed, unfortunately, are backing him. Supposedly his father was in the KKK and his sons or one of them loves shooting animals such as lions and other endangered things. And his attitude to women is not good...So, I don't think that the distributors of the Franklin News would care. Racism is widespread in the world. We are in another cycle similar to that which lead to the World Wars of the 20th Century.

11:50 pm  
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