Monday, May 15, 2006

Maori Party heading for a split?

In an article published on indymedia and in the latest issue of Class Struggle, a rank and file Maori Party member discusses the disagreements between Hone Harawira and the party's other MPs over National's ninety day probation legislation and over the proper attitude to the Act Party. Here's an excerpt:

The Maori Party’s rightward shift away from its natural political ally the Labour Party, is a reactionary move in response to Labour’s anger at losing a significant part of its past support base. For a Party consisting of disillusioned castaways from the political mainstream, it’s only a matter of time before there is a clash between its pragmatic leadership and the more principled working class rank and file. The kaupapa (basic platform) that the Party and its constitution rests on, is being exposed as a weak excuse to accommodate political rivals.

The question being considered by members in many of the local branches is: are these early signs of an inevitable future split within the Maori Party centred on a breakaway led by Hone Harawira?

Here's hoping...


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