Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Here be dragons

I spent much of today with TV's Heritage Rescue team at Port Chalmers museum, where manacles from local slave ship the Rosalia - mistakenly named the Don Juan by museum staff - are proudly displayed next to a pair of egg cups. Artist Jasmine Togo-Brisby is an Australian South Sea Islander - that is, a descendant of Pacific people brought to Australia as slaves - and after we'd done our interviews at the museum she and I hunted the Rosalia along the shore of Otago harbour, where wrecks rise from the mud at every bend. 

It was a strange journey: my pleasure at finally meeting Jasmine, whose art I have long admired, was mingled with the memory of the instruments of restraint and torture at the museum. 

At Carey's Bay Jasmine and I found a wreck. Two rows of splayed, sharp-ended timbers poked out of the mud. The wreck was at once pathetic and fearsome, like the ribcage of a legendary dragon.

I'm flying back to New Zealand's humid zone tomorrow. Heritage Rescue are taking a Xmas break, then filming more episodes at more struggling museums in the New Year. They are a great team of scholars, renovators, and educators; I hope they can help the volunteers at Port Chalmers. 


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Poor Jasmine, now that you have got her, she is yours forever. Right Scott. Pinch her ideas, puff off your stolen ideas while pretending to praise her. The big boy showing off at Port Chalmers like he is so important. the truth is you are one of the worst internet trolls in New Zeland. While you have fun pretending to work, your wife and kids are suffering. She supports the family while you buldge off her. You then go write about how badly you treat her when drunk and get the kids to gang up against her. She should go find a better man. It would not be hard.

2:06 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

Scott I see you mention Rusty (in a 'twitter'). I knew Rusty at one stage. I have some photographs of him. He accompanied me and someone else once. He was in a kind of anarchist stage, but trying to 'spread love'. He proceeded to go around greeting people and 'being nice'. I think that is probably the same chap. I knew him as Rusty. I also met the Bower brothers etc. Or one of them at least. All a long time ago!

3:34 pm  
Anonymous Scott Hamilton said...

It's fascinating stuff, Richard. Murray Edmond's written a manuscript about them, which he hopes to publish. Rusty still lives out at Te Atatu - I voted for him once, when he stood as an Alliance candidate there. He didn't get many votes...

Are you joining twitter?

2:47 am  

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