Friday, May 12, 2006

What is it about Nazis and leather?

Last week I posted a couple of links to depressing accounts of the relative success of the National (read Nazi) Party in Britain's recent local elections. Seems one of the BNP's successful councillors has been hoist by his own petard, as details of his secret life as a gay porn star have emerged in the media. Richard Barnbrook's movie making wouldn't be worth pointing out, of course, if he and his party didn't campaign on a vigorously homophobic platform. The BNP has defended its leader in Barking in its own inimitable style:

Barnbrook is not a queer. The film is not pornographic. It is what is called an arty farty film...

I don't remember bigots having much time for that sort of argument when Derek Jarman was making movies...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you know the leather was actually about making it easier to wash the blood off. I know somebody who has a problem with that kind of wear for this reason, and that is what brought me to this little note.

enjoyed it though.

i'll stop there, because some questions about politics and transparency are bugging me, and they feel a bit taboo.

2:16 am  

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