Saturday, March 21, 2009

Patriot games?

Like me, Maia of the Capitalism Bad; Tree Pretty blog is horrified by the anti-semitism on Uncensored and some of the magazine's supporters. Maia doesn't completely agree with the way I go about criticising Uncensored's plan to use the Mt Albert War Memorial Hall, though: in fact, she suspects that I'm playing a very dogearered card called Kiwi nationalism against the anti-semites. I've replied to Maia's criticism in her comments box - go and see whether you agree with me or not.


Blogger Dave Brown said...

Two problems that have clouded this issue and given ammunition to the anti-semites are first, using the 'war on fascism' as some justification for denying Uncensored use of the public hall.

Second, appealing to the city council to deny access to the public hall.

On the first, Scott is challenging those that claim that the holocaust is a myth, using another equally dangerous myth, that the 'war on fascism' was just and defensible.

This provides the anti-semites with an argument in defence of their bourgeois democratic rights as preserved by the 'war on fascism'.

But the war on fascism was an inter-imperialist war between capitalist ruling classes, that tragically sucked millions of workers into given their lives for their ruling classes instead of turning their guns on their bosses.

On the second, combating fascism and anti-semitism is the task of the only class that has an interest in defeating it, the working class, and not of the state, even in the form of a local body, whose interests are to defend private property, and hence the rule of capitalists, Nazi or Zionist.

This is the basis of Trotsky's 'no platforming' of fascists. The national front is met on the streets with counter-demonstrations. The neo-nazis who hold symposia should be countered with working class protests and counter-symposia etc in very public places.

12:06 pm  
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